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Over the next two years, the turnpike network throughout the state will convert to PlatePay.

Cashless Tolling 

11/30/22   US-412/Cimarron Turnpike continues transition to PlatePay

The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority continued the conversion of US-412/Cimarron Turnpike to PlatePay, or cashless tolling, on Wednesday with the conversion of the US-177 interchange in Noble County.

The Cimarron Turnpike began the conversion to PlatePay at the SH-99 toll plaza intersection (mile marker 48) near Hallett on Aug. 30. The interchanges at US-64 and the Stillwater spur remain to be converted, which is expected to be completed by the end of 2022. Once fully converted, drivers will be able to travel from the Tulsa metro to Stillwater or I-35 completely cashless.

8/30/22   US-412/Cimarron Turnpike begins transition to PlatePay/cashless tolling

As of Tuesday, the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority began transitioning the US-412/Cimarron Turnpike to PlatePay/cashless tolling between Stillwater and Tulsa. The SH-99 Toll Plaza intersection (mm 48) near Hallett is the first toll plaza to convert to PlatePay, which creates a free flow of traffic and eliminates sudden speed changes when motorists maneuver lanes and stop at a toll booth. Moving to cashless tolling this week is expected to help alleviate Game Day traffic congestion ahead of Thursday’s Oklahoma State University’s first home football game of the season in Stillwater. Motorists also are reminded of potential travel delays at an Oklahoma Department of Transportation bridge rehabilitation project on SH-99 just north of Hallett in Pawnee County, where travel will be restricted to one lane with temporary traffic signals through November. The remaining turnpike toll plazas at US-64, US-177 and the Stillwater Spur are expected to convert to PlatePay by the end of the year.

8/16/22   Chickasaw Turnpike completes transition to PlatePay/cashless tolling

As of Tuesday, the Chickasaw Turnpike has fully transitioned to PlatePay/cashless tolling. This means drivers can now travel along the Chickasaw Turnpike between Ada and Sulphur without having to stop to pay a toll. The Chickasaw Turnpike is the fourth Oklahoma toll road to transition to all-electronic tolling, joining the John Kilpatrick Turnpike, Kickapoo Turnpike and the H.E. Bailey Turnpike.

7/14/22   I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike transitions today to PlatePay/cashless tolling between Lawton and Oklahoma City

I-44/H.E. Bailey Turnpike has fully transitioned Thursday to PlatePay/cashless tolling between Lawton and Oklahoma City, including the main line and all on- and off-ramps. Drivers should be aware they no longer need to stop at a toll booth to utilize the turnpike. PlatePay cameras will photograph a vehicle’s license plate, enabling the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to send the vehicle’s registered owner an invoice. Drivers without a PIKEPASS will receive a bill in the mail. PIKEPASS customers will not have changes to their transaction process.

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