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What is PlatePay?

PlatePay is the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s big step towards cashless tolling at select toll plazas on the turnpike system. The all-electronic tolling system made its way onto Oklahoma turnpikes in 2017. All-electronic tolling replaces the cash collection method at the toll plaza and uses an invoice mailed to the customer for payment. Therefore, you no longer need change when exiting/entering at Peoria/Elm.

How do I pay my toll if I normally pay cash?

OTA will send you an invoice in the mail for trips through our PlatePay system. The invoice will detail how to pay your toll. For an example of the PlatePay invoice, please see Invoicing.


To access the payment portal please visit

Why are there only two ramps that have PlatePay?

This is a pilot project for all-electronic tolling on the Oklahoma Turnpike system. The OTA will continue to evaluate all-electronic tolling at other toll plazas across the state when necessary. Initially, we are testing the system at the Peoria/Elm Interchange on the Creek Turnpike.

Why do I have to continue to stop at the Jenks Mainline toll plaza and pay the collector?

The PlatePay system will currently only operate at the Peoria/Elm interchange on the Creek Turnpike. The Jenks Mainline toll plaza will continue to operate as it has in the past. Cash customers will still need to stop and pay their toll with cash. 

Why did I receive a violation notice, isn’t PlatePay on all Oklahoma turnpikes?

The PlatePay system will currently only operate at the Peoria/Elm interchange on the Creek Turnpike. Toll plaza’s on other turnpikes and other areas of the Creek Turnpike still operate as a cash collection point in addition to the PIKEPASS lanes. If you are not a PIKEPASS account holder, you must still stop and pay cash at other toll plazas across the state. If you use the PIKEPASS lanes without a PIKEPASS or inactive PIKEPASS account, you will be sent a violation notice. 

Do the cameras take photos of the people in my vehicle?

No. The camera system associated with PlatePay only takes a photo of the license plate and does not take pictures of the inside of vehicles.

What if receive a PlatePay invoice for a vehicle that is not mine?

Please call our customer service line at 1-866-784-2622.

Am I double billed if my PIKEPASS is read and the cameras take a picture of my license plate?

No. PIKEPASS account holders will notice no change in their payment of tolls. PIKEPASS customers’ tolls will continue to be deducted from their PIKEPASS account.

If I traveled through the PlatePay lanes and I don’t receive a PlatePay invoice what should I do?

Please call our customer service line at 1-866-784-2622.

Is the PlatePay system being used to issue tickets for speeding?

No, the PlatePay system is being used as a cashless tolling system to create a free flow of traffic that will save drivers time and money while providing a safer and more efficient means of travel.

Is my privacy protected when I am using this system?

Yes, every driver’s privacy remains protected and your personal information connected to payment for PlatePay is secure.

What is the easiest and most economical way to travel Oklahoma's turnpikes?

PIKEPASS remains the fastest, safest and easiest way to travel on Oklahoma turnpikes. Please visit for more information.

What will the toll rates be for PlatePay at Peoria/Elm?

PlatePay toll rates at the Peoria/Elm interchange are set at $1.70 for 2-axle vehicles. PIKEPASS remains the most cost effective way to travel Oklahoma’s turnpikes, with account holders’ rates set at $0.75 for those same exits. Please visit for more information and to request a PIKEPASS. A complete breakdown of toll rates for the Peoria/Elm interchange can be found below.

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