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Cashless Tolling System

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What is PlatePay?

Turnpike Modernization

PlatePay is the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority's Cashless Tolling System. 

Where is PlatePay?


The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority began implementing Cashless Tolling, known as PlatePay, on July 25, 2021 starting with the John Kilpatrick Turnpike in Oklahoma City. PlatePay is also active on the Kickapoo Turnpike and the Peoria/Elm interchange exit on the Creek Turnpike in Jenks, Oklahoma. 
The H.E. Bailey Turnpike and H.E. Bailey Spur converted to PlatePay between Oklahoma City and Lawton on June 21, 2022. The H.E. Bailey ramps between Oklahoma City and Lawton converted to PlatePay in early July 2022. The H.E. Bailey toll plaza at Walters between Lawton and the Texas state line converted to PlatePay in late July 2022. In August 2022, the Chickasaw Turnpike converted to Platepay, and soon after, the Cimarron Turnpike converted to Platepay cashless tolling.

The next turnpikes to convert to PlatePay (order subject to change) are the Creek, Cherokee, Muskogee, Indian Nation,  Will Rogers and Turner turnpikes.
What is PlatePay


OTA Established





Miles of Turnpikes



How if Works

PlatePay vs. PIKEPASS

Why switch to PIKEPASS?

PIKEPASS is the most cost-effective way to travel Oklahoma turnpikes. Cashless Tolling technology allows motorists to continue through toll plazas without stopping to pay a toll, whether they have a PIKEPASS or not.
Cameras at these toll plazas take a photo of the vehicle’s license plate as the vehicle passes through and then:

  • If the driver has a PIKEPASS, the account is charged as usual.
  • If the driver does not have a PIKEPASS, OTA will mail an invoice to the registered owner of the vehicle. The PlatePay rate is higher than the PIKEPASS rate. To avoid the higher rate, we encourage customers to open a Pikepass account.

Saves Time


No Exact Change Needed


Faster. Safer. Easier. 


Sample PlatePay Invoice

Affadavit of Nonliability 

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